Frequently Asked Questions

Printing Questions

What kind of paper should I use?

I suggest cardstock. The heavier the better, especially for invitations & tags. I would try to use 80lb-110lb. 

For labels, I would suggest a full sheet label.

For water bottle labels, if you are worried about them bleeding I suggest these labels. I have used them on several occasions & have been so happy with the results!

How should I print?

If you have a quality printer at home, that often works great! For a little better quality, you can try using a print shop such as Office Max, Staples, etc. Of if you know of a locally owned or smaller print shop-that is where you will typically get the best service, quality, and options. 

Vinyl Questions

How to I apply my decal?

Each decal or sheet will come with an instruction card. 

1. Clean surfaces with rubbing alcohol or warm water + soap. 

2. Rub both sides of decal with a credit card.

3. Pull off transfer tape from paper backing. 

Your decal should stick to the tape. If not, rub it again on both sides. 

4. Carefully place decal to desired surface. 

5. When in place, rub it with a credit card or smooth with your fingers.

6. Slowly remove the transfer tape. 

7. For best results let it cure for 2-3 days.

*Hand wash only

*Not dishwasher safe

*Not microwave safe

*Do not soak

What can I put my decals on?

Your decal can go on just about anything! They are considered to be permanent, so they are great on car windows, cups, water bottles, pretty much anything plastic, metal and even some woods. If you are wanting to put it on your walls, please contact me about removable decals, as I have great options on those too! The "welcome" and "hello" door sign in my shop are both removable vinyl.